Educating and Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Start a Transportation Company

We help entrepreneurs start a six figure transportation company using Box Trucks (No CDL or experience necessary).

Box Truck Solutions is owned and operated by entrepreneurs that have successfully navigated the insurance and transportation business for 15 years. We are independent contractors that work personally with Amazon fulfillment services.

Our Services

Box Truck Solution is a brand with two goals: successful box truck deliveries and helping budding entrepreneurs use their drive to start their own box truck business.

Our services, first and foremost, serve the interests of new drivers and business owners with a dream. Find out how our experience can get you on the open road!

Box Truck Deliveries

Box Truck Solutions manages 26-foot box trucks in the Texas and Oklahoma areas. We are always looking for new drivers to help us bridge the gap between long-distance fulfillment centers, Amazon drivers, and mail carriers.

We pick up deliveries from Amazon's fulfillment centers and deliver them to post offices and other Amazon fulfillment locations. Drivers that work with us can expect 8-10 hour overnight driving shifts in a stable position that ensures you are always home with your family after each delivery.

Box Truck Solutions Master Class

Our online master class is the core of what Box Truck Solutions values the most. While deliveries are our expertise, as fellow entrepreneurs, our dream is to lift others up and give them a head start on their business creation journey.

Our course can have your business up and running in as little as 6 months and offers excellent value that helps you pave the way for your company's future and your financial success.

Build Your Business Online Through

5 Specialized Modules

Registering for our online master class gives you first-hand access to the knowledge and experience our leadership has developed over the last 15 years. Each module covers a specific step in the business development process. We know that with our expertise, combined with your ambition to get your business rolling, you’ll be able to profit from your very own business in less than a year.

We help you develop contact information, create a name, create a professional email account/domain name, and set up a second phone line that’s strictly business only.

We teach you the essentials of truck ownership and what steps you must take to keep your truck operating safely on the road.

Making Your Business a Business

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Box Truck Acquisition

Our course teaches you how to find your truck, determine your budget, discover financing options, and what expenses you can expect as a box truck owner.

Making Your Box Truck Road-Ready

This phase covers getting your truck inspected, registering with the state, and getting a state inspection with the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Connect as an Amazon Carrier

Our course covers getting commercial insurance, getting the requirements to become an Amazon carrier, gaining industry authority, and registering your business with Dallas County.


You will learn how to find and hire drivers along with how much to pay. This module helps you utilize the benefits of rental trucks to scale your business.

Why Choose Box Truck Solutions?

As lifelong learners and entrepreneurs, we firmly believe in self-made success and are dedicated to helping you transform your business ideas from a dream to an actual operating entity.

We had a helping hand in getting our business started and are prepared to pay it forward through our online master class and career opportunities.

Ready to Start Your Future as a Box Truck Professional?

Whether you have a dream to start your own trucking business or want to experience the freedom of a job on the go, Box Truck Solutions is here to help! Register for our free online webinar to learn about our step-by-step blueprint and our program.